Bränko’s visual style has been described as clean, bold and forward. ” It is a product of years of refinement and study. The sidelong glance, the offbeat expression, or a unique  beauty, are a few of the qualities that make a great portrait to me. My goal has always been to create graphic and stylized imagery, add a sense of mystery, whimsy or humour, and you have a memorable image. I use charisma and craftsmanship to achieve “my style”. One of the most important lessons when I was starting out, was how to ease tension and create trust, to make creativity grow, something special happens when the subject and I make a connection.”
     Bränko was born on the West Coast, can speak Greek, like his Mother made him do it, and is currently trying to learn Italian, for the reason that he loves the Italian style and the Ferarri’s. He spent nearly 10 years in Toronto, there, he hustled everyday, assisting and producing, to shooting and directing. Went to his first Baseball game where he proceeded to fall asleep in the 5th inning, played Basketball on Sundays with the same group of guys for 6 years, and went sailing on a lake only to be sea sick. He was also mentored by some of the finest photographers in Canada, he learned the power of preproduction, greasing the concierge, and the art of  keeping the client happy.
Based in Victoria B.C.  Surrounded by water, trees, and family. Not neccesarily in that order. He can bake a soufle, and is regularly available for coffee.




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